They Always Come Crawling Back…

They Always Come Crawling Back…

Sorry James.

We have all heard the rumors, Harden wants to come back. And much like going back to an ex because you tried out the dating market for 2 months, realized it was trash, and are now wanting to rekindle the flame because it was familiar and comfortable, the answer is DON’T DO IT.

James Edward Harden Jr will always have a special place in my heart for the good times he gave us. The videogame like numbers, the crossovers, the stepbacks you knew were coming but couldn’t stop. It was so good but so bad. Like having cake and ice cream for breakfast, such an indulgence.

But we now have enough body of work to see what James is as a player, and we know he won’t make us a contender, so why would we want him back? He is not the CP3 type of veteran that would help our young guys grow, and if we are going to keep growing our young core, Harden would likely stifle them. He does not come of as…the consummate professional, like a PJ Tucker or someone, ya know?

If Harden were to come back, I believe he would be wanting more than like 20 million a year, and at that price point…no. Sure, we probably would make the playoffs just barely or something, but what does that REALLY do for us? We have a new coach now, a new direction. Now is not the time to go back to someone because they are familiar. Houston, think with your mind, not your hearts on this one.

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