Philly Choked

Philly Choked

This was shameful.

I can no longer defend the likes of my favorite player, James Harden, and one of my favorite players, Joel Embiid. They choked.
James Edward Harden Jr, for most of the game, looked scared. Half of his drives he was looking not to score, but to kick out to struggling role players, under the guise of “Hey, it’s the right play!”…no.

You get paid the big bucks for a reason. When P.J. Tucker outscores you, there is a huge problem. I often call this Philly team, Rockets East, and it looked like that. This was Rockets vs Warriors G7, 27 missed 3s all over again…you see nobody hitting 3s, but insist on jacking them up…why? I did not see Joel attempt a post up for well over a quarter at least. Truly disgusting brand of basketball.

People have always said James comes up small in the playoffs, and I had a defense…not this time. This time I truly saw panic and fear on James’ face. I saw him nervous and dribbling the ball off his feet, which I have seen in other choking instances from him in the past.

Joel Embiid was not much better. The MVP and scoring leader needs more than 15 points in a game 7. Now I look like a fool for my Embiid > Jokic takes and I deserve the slander. I did not think James Harden could let me down again, yet somehow he did. This was painful to watch; I had to remind myself this was NOT a Rockets team. Fool me once etc. I will not be fooled again. This was an epic choke job.

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