MVP Is Broken

MVP Is Broken

It’s time we really discuss the MVP. It’s true, MVP does not necessarily mean the best PLAYER in the league or anything like that – until one starts winning multiple MVPs, much less consecutively. Define MVP standards or just stop doing the awards, I used to know what an MVP level player looked like. Now, not so much.

Giannis and Jokic having 2 MVPs much less back to back is nothing short of disgraceful. When you win an MVP, for you to get it the following year, you should have a very significant performance output, as well as probably be considered one of the top few players. We also have to look at other superstars with multiple MVPs etc. Look at it like this – Jokic and Giannis both have twice as many MVPs as Kobe and Shaq combined. This is nothing short of a joke. Arguably the 3rd best SG in HISTORY, Dwyane Wade, has…none. Zero MVPs.

What are we even really doing here at this point? We are just handing out these awards due to narrative and advanced second level stats, not looking at them in the context of other players who did or did not get multiple MVPs; in no sane world should Giannis and Jokic have double the MVPs of Kobe and Shaq, it kind of goes to show you MVP nowadays is a nearly meaningless award. The goalpost for what makes an MVP changes every year. Sometimes it’s best player on the best team. Other times it’s historic stats like avging a triple double even though you are like a 6 seed. We need to either clearly d

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